Mauri Kunnas: The Book of Finnish Elves

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Mauri Kunnas: The Book of Finnish Elves

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Classic book about Finnish elves by Mauri Kunnas, the author of Doghill

Back in the good old days there dwelt in Finnish households guardian spirits known as elves. When treated with respect, they brought good fortune to home and hearth.

The funny and fascinating tales in this book present all the most common types of Finnish elves, as well as the more rare varieties. Engaging stories and fairytale-like illustrations are certain to spark the imagination of readers both young and old.

Mauri Kunnas is Finland's foremost author of children's books, and his picture books have sold over 10 million copies worldwide. The Book of Finnish Elves was his first book for children. This revised edition of the beloved classic includes a new introduction by the author and several never-before-published illustrations.

Hardcover, 71 pages.

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